Troubleshoot CBS all access not working

Several channels on the Roku platform face playback issues at certain times. This may be due to a bad internet connection or because of server issues. Depending on the cause, troubleshoot the CBS all access not working problem accordingly.

Step 1 – identify the cause of playback issue

There are numerous possibilities leading to the CBS all access not working on Roku. Therefore, you must identify the root cause first.

CBS all access not working

Common issues

  • CBS All access channel not playing only a certain TV show or movie.
  • Video streaming issues.
  • Black screen.
  • Videos are re-buffering.
  • The quality of all videos on the CBS All access channel is poor or has a delayed start.

Now that we have identified the common issues, we must also ascertain the root cause of each issue through roku.

CBS All access channel not playing only a certain TV show or movie

When the channel does not play a single video belonging to a particular program, then there could be an outage. In common terms, this is called a service interruption and has to be resolved by the channel. Roku or its representatives will not be able to help you out during this process. You can either call the channel support team or wait for the service to be up again. In case you feel that it is an issue pertaining to your Roku device, give us a call at our toll-free number for assistance.

Video streaming issues

In case you had issues during your Roku setup process or during the device activation process, then you cannot stream any channel on Roku. To cross verify the processes, you can check the connection by navigating to the SETTINGS menu first. Here, select the NETWORK menu followed by the ABOUT menu under which you can check your connection. Besides, you can also perform a SYSTEM RESTART to update the device.

Black screen

This problem is very similar to the one mentioned above wherein, you can contact our customer assistance team; obtain guidance on the setup processes. Sometimes, there can be compatibility issues between the streaming device and the TV that cause CBS all access not working on Roku. Make sure that you are connecting the devices to the correct set of cables.

Videos are re-buffering

Poor quality videos or constant re-buffering are results of a bad internet connection. This can be attributed either to your router or to your internet connection. If it is a router issue, then make sure you replace it with a more powerful device; assist in long-distance connectivity. Otherwise, contact your ISP to resolve the internet connection issue; this, in turn, resolves CBS all access not working on Roku.

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