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The CBS SportsLine Channel

The website, CBS, belongs to CBS Corporation. It was previously known as CBS The channel is mostly dedicated to American Sports. There are basically four sections on the channel, Sports, news, fantasy games and videos.

About SportsLine

Sometime in 1997 a content-sharing partnership evolved between the CBS channel and Viacom. The agreement was to develop and operate websites for the PGA Tour, NFL and NCAA. CBS Sports was then launched as a co-branded website. Even when Viacom already had a 38% stake in SportsLine, the company would later go on to acquire the channel in 2004, which at the time was valued at $46 million. Thus, the sports division received a makeover under the ownership of Viacom.

CBS SportsLine

CBS SportsLine

CBS Fantasy Sports and CBS SportsLine was already into the fantasy sports business as early as 1997. Daedalus World Wide Corporation and entered into a partnership in 1998. Then in 1999, CBS acquired Daedalus, with a deal that their products would be used in the fantasy sports business. The games were available for a subscription fee, which was also dropped in the year 2000 due to the massive signups that they received for the games. But later on, the subscription fee returned because this was also the only way they could keep the fantasy sports business afloat. By 2015, a new subscription-based site featuring advanced statistics, and sports betting was introduced in the form of CBS SportsLine.

Activate CBS All Access

If you already have CBS All Access on your PC or any other device, you can still get it on the Roku. Before you begin you must activate your subscription on a device other than the Roku. For this launch the CBS All Access channel on your player and on your remote press ‘Ok’. Then go to the option ‘Already a Subscriber?’ and sign in.

Two choices

You can either sign in to your account on the web or on the Roku. On the device, you just have to use your login information. Thereafter, just share your Roku credentials with the CBS All Access account to sign in. To confirm all your actions click on ‘Ok’. When you look back into your player, you will see that the Roku account information is already populated. You just have to click on ‘Sign in’ and start streaming.

Logging in

For the web login you just have to enter your email credentials, and you will receive an activation code for your Roku subscription. Just open a browser and go to the CBS All Access website to enter it and activate your account. Once you click on ‘Activate’ you will be asked to sign in to the CBS All Access account. Enter all your details once again and you will receive a confirmation message.

The Roku Home screen appears immediately after you have placed your login information. Start watching your shows immediately. For any queries, visit

Upgrade to commercial-free

You can also upgrade to the commercial-free version of CBS All Access.  From the top carousel, select ‘Upgrade’ in the CBS All Access channel home page. Then to upgrade, click on the ‘Commercial Free’ button. To complete the billing, just follow all requests that you see for information sharing. If required, you will have to enter the Roku PIN too. For the remainder of the billing cycle, the account will be charged as ‘Commercial Free’ once you have upgraded.

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