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Enjoy watching CBS on Roku with cable subscription or you can see CBS live if your ISP helps you download the Roku app. There is a monthly fee attached to the CBS All Access app ranging around $5.99 a month. You will most certainly require a subscription to watch all the live content through the internet provider or the cable. In fact, besides CBS, you can gain access to more channels this way.

Subscription Plans

Subscribe to CBS All Access on Roku and stream past and current TV series. The subscription also lets you watch Live CBS in certain regions. If you are looking for a service which will let you totally cut the cord, then this is a must-have. Roku already has a huge lineup of channels and adding CBS to it only makes it even more compelling.

Before you start streaming your favorite content, you’ll need to activate your subscription even if you signed up for CBS All Access on a device other than the Roku. Check out the following steps.

CBS On Roku With Cable Subscription

CBS On Roku With Cable Subscription

Activate the subscription

  • Open the channel by clicking on the CBS All Access icon. The arrow buttons can aid in highlighting the channel; then just press on ‘Ok’.
  • You have you use the remote’s ‘Down’ arrow to choose the ‘Already a Subscriber?’ option
  • Then press on ‘Ok’ after you have signed in at ‘Sign In’
  • At the ‘Sign In’ screen you will see two options, ‘On Roku’ and ‘On the Web’ as gateways to activating CBS on Roku with cable subscription

Two ways of activation

  • It means that basically, there are two ways in which you can sign in to the channel. You can use the Roku device directly or a web browser
  • If you choose ‘On Roku’, then simply use your device login information. The CBS All Access account will already be linked to it.
  • For those who are comfortable using the ‘On the Web’ option, you can just get on to the computer or the mobile device to enter your CBS All Access login information from a browser.

Roku-CBS Login

  • Select the ‘On Roku’ option to share your Roku account details on the next screen. This information will let you interact with the CBS channel. Thereafter, press ‘Ok’ and on the following screen, you will see that email and password field are already populated. It will consist of your email address and password for your Roku device. All you have to do is select ‘Sign In’ and you can start streaming.
  • Users must note that any billing information, address or credit card numbers cannot be accessed by CBS

Signing in with the Web

  • Click the ‘On the Web’ option if you choose to sign in from the web browser
  • Instructions about activating your Roku subscription will be seen on the screen after you have signed in
  • You will see some characters in the middle of the screen that you have to note down somewhere because you will require the information a little later
  • The CBS App does not facilitate activation that is why you need to open your internet browser on your mobile phone, tablet or computer

The activation code

  • In the address bar, go to and you will get an activation page on Roku where you have to enter the code and then select ‘Activate’
  • Here too, you have to sign in to your CBS all Access account for this, you can use your Twitter, Google+ or Facebook IDs. Click on the appropriate icon so that you can sign in.
  • Once you see the screen confirming your sign in, it means that your CBS on Roku with cable subscription is complete and you are good to go
  • After this step, the Roku Home screen appears, which means that the CBS on Roku with cable subscription has been activated

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