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Star Trek Discovery : Discovery is CBS’s new treat for all Roku fans. Star Trek enthralled fans half a decade ago and it still does. It was science fiction beyond imagination which also had every element of drama and adventure woven into it. Since 2009, the series has been regularly featured in movies through the TV Show was stopped sometime in 2005. Prestigious streaming services have now taken over the onus of delivering this beguiling series into your TV.

Star Trek Discovery

Premiering on CBS All Access

On 24 September 2017, Star Trek Discovery finally premiered, once again on CBS All Access. While there is a range of streaming devices out there offering the broadcast, getting it on the Roku is a jackpot for some of the last Roku owners.

Pricing Plans

CBS All Access has designed pricing plans that suit all pockets. Go with a plan that offers limited commercials starting from $5.99 per month. Or you can choose no commercials at all and stream content at just $9.99 a month. Knowing the popularity of on-demand videos and also to adjust to viewers’ conveniences, CBS All Access also has a yearly subscription plan which comes at about $59.99. You save around $12 annually and $4.99 a month. The package also comes with a free trial for one week. The no commercial annual plan comes at $99.99 with savings of $19.92 per year and $8.33 per month. You also get a free trial for two days.

Watching Star Trek Discovery on CBS All Access

Now, how to watch Star Trek Discovery on Roku? The answer is rather simple. Just get CBS All Access. Use the standard channel adding procedure on Roku to add your preferred app. Enter the billing information and start streaming your favorite episodes with roku.

On the Roku Device

To add CBS All Access to your Roku, go to Streaming Channels from the main page and open the Channel Store. If you want to jump pages, then use the Reverse Scan and Forward Scan buttons to browse through the genres. To learn some more about the channel, you can always press the ‘Ok’ button. Purchase the channel by selecting ‘Buy’ and the amount against it. Once completed, you can install the channel. Out-of-date payments always need to be updated into the Roku account regularly.

Adding from the web

Add your channels from the web by going to Thereafter, you have to go to the ‘My Account’ screen to login with your Roku credentials. Select ‘Details’ to learn more about a particular channel. You will get the rating for the app along with some snippets and a preview for viewing them on your Roku device. When you add channels, apps, themes, and screensavers to the player from the web, then it takes at least 24 hours for it to be updated.

  • Follow these commands if you wish to see your updates instantly
  • On your Roku device, select ‘Settings’
  • Then go to ‘System’ and then choose ‘System Update’
  • Finally, click on ‘Check Now’

On the mobile app

Add channels for viewing by downloading the Roku mobile app. Just launch the app and click on ‘Channels’ where you will find the Channel Store. Choose your preferred app from here and add it.

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